Managed IT Service Provider

Our Managed Service, Your Success

As technology continues to shift at a great pace, IT departments are being driven to focus on strategic initiatives to support business growth. Technology is a prerequisite in today’s business and critical to your business success. For most small and mid-sized organisations, however, IT Management, bandwidth, and expertise can be spread too thin, simply administering the predictable operations and fielding emergency situations.

If not accurately managed and maintained, IT systems can actually end up increasing operational costs, sap your productivity and negatively impact on client service.

At IT SYS, it is our top priority to help prevent downtime and the unexpected IT costs that come along with these instances. Managed IT services are the answer. IT SYS’s Managed IT Services are a reliable, cost-effective and efficient solution, which will make certain that the technologies you depend on to protect your business do just that.

Our Managed IT Services Sydney provides:
With IT SYS’s Managed IT Services you will receive all the benefits of ensuring continuous business, reducing enormous risk to you.

  • 24X7 system level support for your Infrastructure.
  • Patch and Update management.
  • Reporting and dashboard Response.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Service Desk Support.
  • Anti-virus and Spam Filtering services.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery planning.

Rest Easy:
There are many advantages to doing away with technologies further complicating a busy IT environment. Improve ease of use, ease of management and ensure you have to worry less:

  • Renewed focus on strategic IT initiatives.
  • Decreased IT operational costs.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Rapid Problem Resolution.
  • Highly Reduced Risk.
  • Better Customer Service.