IT Procurement

The IT Procurement process is astringent and slow, taking up far too much of your IT team’s time and resources.

The procedure of controlling and sourcing physical assets and licenses usually consumes key resources that could be utilised elsewhere, on revenue-generating initiatives.

IT SYS’s Procurement Services allow you to leverage our technical product knowledge and comprehensive buying power bolstering your business-class technology investments, resulting in a smoother IT purchasing process and ensuring that the solutions secured are the right ones for your business.

Typically, a company’s buying process is an ad-hoc practice, leading to a lack of standard and reduced cost-effectiveness. We have channel relationships with many of the leading hardware manufacturers, including software publishers. To most effectively meet our customer’s requirements and enable you to get the most benefit from the assets you purchase, we pass on to you:

  • Effective Standards in Pricing, Quality, and Delivery.
  • Cost and time savings.
  • Order tracking.

There is on-going communication between our consultants and our procurement team members whom also boast an in-depth technical, product and business knowledge. In addition to established order processes, our consultant’s team clearly details the technological specifications in advance to the Procurement Professional, defining how the purchase will be used in your environment. This communication along with our agent’s reciprocal knowledge act as a final check ensuring no mistake is made, certifying that the technology you are ordering is exactly the technology you will need before the order is even placed.

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