Hybrid Cloud

To create a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure, it is essential to integrate both dedicated and public environments. To realise this, we have crafted a true hybrid cloud computing environment. IT SYS’s unparalleled expertise in crafting hybrid cloud architecture enables you to leverage the benefits of both public and private clouds in a single solution. Unlike the majority of cloud providers, we offer you an innovative hybrid cloud solution that will automatically scale itself up when your workload increases.

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Hybrid Cloud Features

  • Easy Setup

    Seamless VMware vSphere integration allows single sign-on Management with vCloud Suit

  • Complimentary Support

    Get 24/7 access to VMware experts

  • Vmware Power

    Private clouds running on the strongest enterprise cloud platform

  • Scalable

    Pay only for the resources used – extend to IT SYS Data infrastructure on-demand

  • Highly Available

    Experience truly dependable setup with a 100% uptime SLA

Hybrid cloud solutions from IT SYS have been adopted by a large number of organisations that see short spikes in data storage at specific times. To be able to store this data for a short period needs an additional cloud server that can cost a lot. But our Hybrid Cloud solutions work in such a way that the less significant data is stored in public clouds, and the more important and critical data is stored in the private clouds. In short, we offer on-demand scalability with a seamless performance and reliability.

Following are the advantages of choosing our Hybrid Cloud Services:

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Cost effectiveness

You do not have to go for additional private cloud servers just to accommodate data bursts that rarely come and have only limited use. By using our hybrid cloud solutions you can have the advantage of storing less essential data on the public clouds. This way you can minimise costs and enhance the productivity of your business.


At IT SYS, we take the meaning of integration to a whole new world. You can manage your hybrid cloud network through the trusted and widely acclaimed vCloud web portal and other easy-to-use API tools without any hassle. Our VMware certified professionals will ensure your cloud is running round the clock.


It doesn’t matter how you define performance. What matters is we deliver a high performance, every time. Unlike other cloud service providers, we don’t just stress on the raw computational power. We make sure you can extract the optimum performance out of our hybrid cloud services at an affordable rate.

With a whole world of possibilities awaiting you at IT SYS’s Cloud services, there is nothing more to wait for. Come and be a part of the global cloud community at IT SYS. Request a call to learn more