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Virtual Desktop Environment with Citrix

If you are looking for high mobility and flexibility for storage and access of data, operating system and applications, then our Hosted Desktop as a Service will be the one stop solution that you are looking for. Our DaaS solutions emphasise greatly on accessibility and security as we believe these are the two biggest aspects when anyone goes for a cloud based solution.

More Benefits

We also provide our client the freedom to choose devices and networks over which data and applications are made available. Our back end support provides excellent support at all times and we can easily handle any number of devices across the same platform with great ease. You can be the decision maker and tell us the level of integration and support you are expecting from IT SYS. Our services are tailor made for our client organisations and our expert team of engineers and consultants will work with you at every stage to deploy a high performance Hosted Desktop solution at an affordable price.

Hosted Desktop Service Providers

Our Hosted Desktop as a Service gives a large number of functionalities such as:

  • Accessing to publish desktop through any device connected to the cloud platform.
  • High security.
  • Citrix Netscaler Integration.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Round the clock tech support from our side.
  • Backend maintenance and servicing costs from our side.

Benefits of our Cloud DaaS

  • Secure & Compliant


  • Custom Development


  • Vmware Power


  • Complimentary Support


  • Managed Service


Why our Cloud DaaS ?

A complete package:

Our Hosted DaaS basically acts a pivot or central element of networking. The Hosted Desktop acts as a cloud element in which any number of data and applications can be stored. This must however be within the limitations of the cloud server. We provide private cloud servers and Hybrid cloud servers which can be combined with our Hosted Desktop as a Service to form a fully fledged and all powerful package.

Complete management:

Unlike other providers, we take care of all backend architectures, costs and maintenance. All you need to do is access and store data and applications from the desktop to propel your business. We deliver our DaaS service from the highly acclaimed Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp platform. So rest assured, you get a robust, efficient and easy to manage hosted desktop solution.

Fully scalable:

IT SYS’s Desktop as a Service and VDI solutions are scalable to any level of integration and sophistication needed by the user.