Cloud Hosted Exchange for WDVCAS NSW

The Client:

WDVCAS NSW is the peak, state-wide body representing the 28 individual WDVCAS services that operate across New South Wales supporting women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence.

WDVCAS operate from human rights and feminist perspective to support better outcomes for women and children experiencing domestic violence. WDVCAS NSW was established in 1995 as in informal network. Since 2011 the organisation has operated independently from Legal Aid NSW with a board appointed Director.

As a successful and growing business, WDVCAS had long since operated on Lotus Notes. But this was creating challenges for new employees, who’d never used Notes and found it to be difficult. It was also challenging for IT because support was complicated: each Notes installation was tied to a specific workstation, which limited the swiftness to replace computers or move workers.

So when Helen Brereton joined the company in 2015 as the new Director, she knew that it was time to move on to Microsoft Exchange. And it was time to move to the cloud.

The Challenge

“I had prior experience with the outsourcing email to the cloud,” Brereton says. “I like it because it separates email from our internal infrastructure, it provides a robust solution that’s off-premises, and it doesn’t contribute to infrastructure challenges.” Brereton also knew it would eliminate the need for a great capital expenditure to support an email upgrade.

But not all Clouds are created equal. To find the right hosted Exchange provider, he looked closely at Apple cloud Hosting, Office 365, and IT SYS. After lots of research into infrastructure, migration services and technical support. she made a decision. she phrased it to us diplomatically: some hosted Exchange providers treat SMBs better than others.

The Solution

“With IT SYS, we were given the attention we needed to make the rollout work,” Brereton says.“Microsoft wanted us to use a third party to do the migration. They struggled to give a company our size the attention and support we needed.”

Brereton also knew that the right cloud provider could solve a host of problems at once: business continuity, eDiscovery preparation, file syncing and sharing and more.

Brereton was happy that IT SYS could fill all these needs. Our Email Archiving service would not only provide peace of mind, it would also save precious money and man-hours in the event of litigation.

“I believe it’s important to have email archiving in place with Exchange. It allows users to manage their inboxes better and facilitates email search and recovery,” Brereton says. “I’ve found that IT teams can spend an inordinate about of time on eDiscovery and mailbox restoration, so an email archiving service really saves us time and money.”