VPS Hosting – for those, who need their own platform

Some of the projects may need more resources, than a simple small WordPress blog. If you are running such one, you can simply order the virtual hosting for $5 per month and keep calm. However, if you run some online shop with lots of scripts and add-ons; or, let’s say, you have any other kind of popular project, you need definitely some more resources to be provided with. It means, that you need a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated hosting.
Both of these solutions are much more configurable than the virtual hosting. They are either more expensive than virtual hosting plans as well. But, analysing the prices for the VPS and the dedicated hosting, you may notice, that the last one may be much more expensive. It’s connected with the structures of each of these solutions.
A dedicated server is a separate hardware solution, which is running for the only customer. Ordering it, you take the whole physical platform, located somewhere in the data center. VPS is the much more affordable way to host your website because you don’t use the whole server, – you are given just the virtual machine, located on a server. It may be running with other virtual machines at the same time. So, you share the physical hardware with someone else.
From one point of view, it may be a serious security issue, when you manage some protected data. From another – it’s definitely much easier and cheaper to use VPS. So, if you can’t afford dedicated server – the virtual private server is the best solution. The only thing you should do before ordering it – to pick the right plan for your product.