Vodien announced its partnership with Singapore’s company Edifice

Vodien announced its partnership with web design and development agency named Edifice, working in Singapore. The aim is to provide the developing company with 24/7 support for all of its clients. This partnership is aimed at allowing Edifice’s customers to run their hosting environments much more efficiently and faster. The partnership of managed hosting services provider and the Singaporean studio was announced on December the 6th.

Vodien’s services mean that Edifice will spend no more time and money for the maintaining their ‘non-key’ functions of the company, such as the hosting support. It will be able to concentrate on more valuable tasks, including the optimisation of hosting infrastructure, launching new hosting products, raising the level of speed and security of the services.

As Managing Director of Edifice Eddie Lee claims, the company noticed that it was spending too much time for solving some secondary issues in the business. That’s how the decision for using the services of Vodien appeared. Now the studio hopes it will be able to focus on some strategic tasks, aimed at growing the business and delivering maximum to its clients.

It’s worth reminding that Vodien is one of the largest hosting providers in Singapore, founded in 2002. It works in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia and Indonesia as well. The pool of its services includes web hosting solutions, domain registrations, SSL certification, content delivery services and much more. One of its key functions is working with the managed hosting services and providing them to its partners, such as Edifice.