How to solve some iOS 10 issues?

A new version of Apple operational system has shown some common technical issues. Many people from all over the world faced them, – that’s why our tips on how to solve iOS 10 issues may be needed. Check it out, in order to find the solution for your device.

First, let’s start from the WiFi and Bluetooth issues. They lead to the inability of the gadget to connect to your home network. However, the solution for this problem is quite simple. Just visit ‘Settings’ tab and find the ‘Reset Network Settings’ button. Pressing it down, you’ll reset all of the settings for your WiFi and Bluetooth networks, which you had before. At the same time, you’ll have to type all of your passwords again. As a rule, this solution helps everyone.

Vibrating issues are also common for many iPhone users. After your device got its new iOS 10, it could stop vibrating each time the phone rings. A simple activation of this option in settings brings no results so that the user has to do something more. The solution is in resetting all of the settings of your gadget, either as in erasing your data. No need to say, that it must be saved before doing this action.

Losing signal by your new iPhone may also be a problem, faced by thousands of users. A simple reconnection doesn’t help, as the internet users on different boards report. Updating your smartphone, using iTunes on your PC, may solve the issue.

 Another problem, which is widely discussed on the web, is the absence of iMessage notifications. The last one disappears after the upgrade of your operational system, which may make the work with your iPhone uncomfortable. In order to turn the notifications on, you should visit the ‘Messages’ tab in ‘Notifications’ and make sure, that all of the options, listed on this page, are switched on.

There are some most common issues, which are listed above. However, we can also mention many other problems, which are not so widely spread among the users. If you find the same one, you should visit some Apple-oriented forum, in order to create a thread, describing your problem, and receive a useful answer.