Private cloud goes mainstream

No need to say that the cloud computing becomes more popular with each day. We have heard recently that even Skype moved to the cloud, making it clear to everyone that it’s the technology of the future. While some business owners still work with the ‘old school’ in-house data centres, the real business world changes its rules. More and more companies and organisations are moving their data into the cloud.

We can’t say that this movement is absolute, that every company is going to use this way of storing its data, running its applications and doing its business in general. But the tendency is already set. The technology is really innovative, efficient and promising. It definitely reduces the costs of working with IT solutions, it makes your projects scalable and flexible enough. It allows saving money on the hired specialists to maintain your server. So, from any point of view, it’s a better way to build your business. But what is still ‘wrong’ with cloud computing? Why do many people still ignore this technology, which would bring their businesses to a new level?

Well, the researchers show different reasons for this. In the previous post, we’ve already mentioned such factors, as the misconceptions about the security issues of cloud solutions or, let’s say, about the lack of knowledge of many business owners, running their IT infrastructure in a more expensive way. But we should say that some people are just ignoring the benefits from cloud computing. Sometimes they think that moving all their projects from their real server is too difficult; sometimes they just don’t know the way it can be done. At the same time, visiting websites of some of the giants, like Microsoft Azure or Google Web Services, these business owners are just stunned with a lot of information and new terms. In our opinion, that’s what local cloud solutions providers are needed for.

Dealing with them is another story, not a simple web page with prices and some unfamiliar names of services. Local provider is more personalised – it’s an alive manager, who can be told to. He or she can explain, how cloud computing can be used for your business. This person will show you the real way to save your money, simply moving your data to them.

That’s why, if you are interested in using cloud computing, but you still know too few about this technology, we’d like to advise you using your local cloud services provider. It will be simpler for you and more effective for your business.