Private Cloud Computing – The best solution for business

If you are running an IT-business, which needs a huge amount of virtual resources, – a cloud computing is obviously the best solution for you. It’s much cheaper than the physical equipment for storing projects. It’s safer for saving your data without a worry for its loss. Finally, it may be available for you from any place in the world, no matter what platform you use. The final advantage, however, may also be a disadvantage as well. An opportunity to access your files from anywhere leads to some security issues, which need to be thought of. If you can access your data – anyone can do it, while being located even on the other continent.
The danger of stealing your data increases, if you are using a public cloud service. It involves several clients, who access the same pool of physical storages, as you do. So that theoretically, you use virtual resources, hosted in some common space with other people. It isn’t good for the projects you run. Private cloud computing may be much safer.
The principle of private cloud’s work is pretty similar to the individual LANs, which were popular several years ago. The customer, who orders a private cloud, gets his own space for the project he runs. Thus, the level of security arises – only the person, who uses the firewall or some kind of a leased line is able to access the data.
Besides, the private cloud may engage some resources from the public cloud for the execution of some non-sensitive (from the security’s point of view) operations. This step allows expanding the operational resource for more complicated projects.
Private computing has got some more benefits, which we are going to discuss in the next posts.