Why people select local cloud services provider instead of Azure and Amazon?

On the cloud solutions market, just like in any other field, some obvious leaders are presented. They are the companies, which cover the large ‘pieces of cake’, sharing some part of the whole sphere among themselves. We are discussing the cloud services providers, that’s why such brands, as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and others should be mentioned.

At the same time, these companies are far not the only players on a market. There are thousands of smaller local providers, which do their job, providing a high-quality product for the customer. It looks weird, right? Why don’t the small and middle business owners move to the giants, like Google and Microsoft? Why do they work with small IT companies in their area? Even more, some of the companies move from the giants’ services to the local providers! Are you surprised? Let us explain more on the reasons for preferring the small IT companies in your area.

First of all, your relationship with your local company is more ‘humanised’. If you are a business owner, you would like to talk to your cloud services provider personally or via phone, what happens as usual. You can be listened and told some useful information about your projects and their support. A person, who represents a small company, is more showing a bigger interest in working with you, than someone, who works at Google. That’s why we can mention ‘relationship’ as the first difference between the tech giants and the local providers. You will communicate not only online but in a live mode too.

The Same thing relates to the support question. Google’s worker won’t answer your call when something happens. You will be probably notified via email, let’s say, about the freezing of your account. Then you should complete some actions, read instructions and understand everything by yourself. Local provider acts quite differently, offering you any tool – from the email address to the phone number. They can even send their worker to your office, in order to make you sure that everything is fine.

The responsibility of a company, offering its services to you, also differs. When we talk about Google or Amazon, – nobody cares about your project. You just get templated emails, related to your issue. No ‘alive’ support can be got.
Local cloud solutions provider uses absolutely different approach to solving of such kind of a problem. Its worker’s response your questions and tasks much faster. And what’s the best thing is that you know, who you can call in an emergency case.

That’s why more and more people choose local providers and we advise you to do the same thing.