Why does the location of your data matter?

We’ve already discussed a question of why is it better to choose your local hosting provider. This article confirms our previous conclusions – we’ll discuss the facts, that state, why our data location may be so important. They may also relate to your business as well, so let’s talk about that more.

–    Jurisdiction. First of all, moving your important business data to the cloud, you should be sure, that it still remains in your country’s jurisdiction. The best way to do this is choosing your local cloud provider, which definitely uses the network of services within your country.

If your private information is within the borders of your legal system, you still may protect it.

–    Third parties. Some third parties can also access your data, resulting to its further copying and spreading. In order to prevent this, read the privacy agreement of your cloud network provider and search for the possibilities for sharing the data with someone else. If you deal with the company in your legal system, you still can protect your rights for privacy as well.

–    Foreign privacy protection laws may differ from your country’s ones. It may happen, that the local authorities of the country, where your data centre is located, can get a free access to the data and use it in their own way. In order to prevent this, we’d like to recommend you to choose the proper country with the restriction to access someone’s information.

–    The location of your data anyway influences your opportunity to control it, to protect and to avoid any kind of issues, that may appear in the future.

If you can’t store all of your business data on your local provider’s resources, you can use the approach of a hybrid cloud computing, splitting the data, according to the level of its privacy.