Why is local hosting provider the best choice you could make?

It’s not a surprise that the hosting services market is full of hundreds of different providers, which hunt for their customers. In spite of a huge competition in this niche, there are profitable hosting companies with their constant customers, developing their business. Many of them belong to the category of so-called ‘local’ hosting providers. In this article, we’d like to talk about them. We will also discuss a question of why is it better to choose your local hosting provider as well.
First of all, we should split the whole hosting market into the local and the global companies. The second group of the market players is well known throughout the world. They may be called ‘the giants’ due to the huge resources, which are used by them. These companies offer any kind of services that may be needed.
Another kind of hosting companies, which we’d like to mention in this article, is the local ones. They are less-known in the tech world and, frankly speaking, they do not offer such number of services, as the global ones do. In spite of this, the local hosting providers have some advantages, which we’d like to tell you about.
The first important thing about the local hosting companies is the loading time. I mean the delay, which appears when the user visits the website page. If the website’s hosting data centre is located not far from the visitor, such a delay will be 2-3 times smaller, than if it’s hosted at some other country’s data centre. The experienced website owners know about it, that’s why they choose some local hosting provider if it’s possible.
Another fact about the origin of your website hosting provider is SEO. Everyone knows that Google ranks websites in its SERP according to the location of a user, who makes a search query. If your visitor is from the city of your hosting provider’s data centre, he’ll more likely see your page on the top of the results page. It’s your obvious benefit against your abroad competitor’s website.
Besides, in any emergency case, you can always call your local provider via a phone number, without any international phone fees and charges. So that your business will get as fast support, as possible.