Local cloud services providers are friendlier for your business

Each business owner, no matter which niche he works in, has a right of choice, whether to work a local IT solutions provider or to choose a global one. The process of globalisation reached its peak, and today we can rent a server in Spain, being situated in Australia. But is it actually a good idea – to choose some global players for your business? Let’s try to clear this out.

The first thing we should talk about is your experience. If you are an experienced person, who knows the technical details of the IT solution to work with, there is no problem for you to define, which provider is better. But for people, who are starting the business without the special knowledge in a field of cloud technologies and website building, there is no difference between such solutions, as Microsoft Azure and, let’s say, Australian cloud services provider ITSYS. And it’s the first benefit for such people to work with the local company – they can be consulted well by the representatives from a local office. Neither Google nor Amazon or any other global player will be ready to consult a person, who is not competent in this field. Their support staff will just send you the links to Wikipedia and their FAQ. That’s why local providers are friendly for those, who start businesses.

But, obviously, it’s not the only advantage of working with a cloud solutions provider from your area. Another benefit relates to the location of physical servers, where the cloud is hosted. We don’t really know, which server will be used by Amazon to host your data, but it’s obvious that this place is situated not in your country. The situation with a local provider is quite the opposite. Due to this, the speed of the connection between your cloud and your PC (either as the PC’s of your visitors) is 2-3 times higher, than the speed of connection to some other foreign servers, managed by the corporations. It influences on your projects loading time as well.

Finally, the contact is much easier to be established with a local company in your area, than with Amazon or Google. Imagine, how helpful it is in a case of some emergency situation when your server is down and you need your data urgently.

These and the others factors allow us claiming that local cloud providers are far friendlier for small and medium businesses than the global ones.