iPhone 7 – a new version of the top-selling smartphone

Who doesn’t know iPhone? Probably, everyone does. As well, as everyone, who is able to read and write, has heard of a recent presentation of the new version of this gadget, which got the same design, as the previous generation had. So, what are the new features of iPhone 7, which make it much better, than the 6th generation?

Frankly speaking, many Apple fans, who used to see some great changes either in the design or in the specifications of each new device with an apple on its back, were surprised, when they saw the same-looking gadget again. Yes, this year Apple decided not to make some great changes. They made some less obvious improvements instead. Let’s talk more about them in this article.

First of all, we should mention the waterproof body of the smartphone we are talking about. Right, iPhone 7 is waterproof, which is absolutely new to Apple. However, as you can remember, Cupertino company’s main competitor – Samsung – has presented its waterproof Galaxy S5 much earlier.

Another interesting feature of the new iPhone is an absence of a 3.5-mm audio jack. Does it sound like non-sense, right? Actually, it doesn’t. The developers of this smartphone started using the wireless ear pods, which should be much more comfortable in a daily life.

Another advantage of iPhone 7 in comparison with iPhone 6S is its dual camera. However, it’s installed on the Plus version only, so the users of the ‘basic’ device won’t see the real changes in its camera.

On the other hand, Apple made their new product much louder. The improvements of the external speakers’ sounding were made for sharing the quality music with your friends.

This time the #1 company on the mobile market presented another great smartphone, which is not much better, than the previous one. So, making a decision, whether to buy a new iPhone or not, think well – what do you need first: to have the latest gadget or to get the most of the functionality for the lowest price?