iOS 10 – more great apps with a new iOS generation!

Traditionally Apple presents its new version of the operational system with a new smartphone. This time, along with a brand new iPhone 7, the Cupertino team has also presented iOS 10 with more great functions for app developers. What’s hidden inside the new version of the most stable operational systems in the world – let’s find out in this article.

First of all, the developers of a new iOS mention the new widgets – a tool, which provides some specific application information on the user’s screen. It automatically creates a huge field for customization of the app. For example, while using the 3D Touch, pressing the app icon, people may see some widgets inside the quick action list. Besides, a user can add any widgets of any apps to the Search screen, available after swiping the screen to the right.

Another interesting option is the integration of the system with messages. From now the users have an opportunity to share some specific app content with their friends, using a special extension. It allows, let’s say, to exchange with some new stickers from games, send videos and photos and any other kind of interactive content. With iOS, 10 messaging brings much more fun!

Siri was also upgraded to the latest iOS version. The developers made it able to ‘listen’ to the voice commands of the user and to execute any operation! Now you can literally control your apps with your voice, which makes your Apple device even more responsive, than before!

Another new feature, which saves more users’ time is the expanded notifications. Starting from the 10th version of iOS, people can access the information from the notification without changing the context they are in. So, it lets acting immediately.

The interface of iOS 10 has also been changed. Some informative components, provided with the new UIKit were added. They include bars, views, and controls, which show the user’s progress in the app.

There are some more improvements, besides the mentioned above ones. All of them make using your iOS-based device much more comfortable and easier, than before.