The Hostway CEO: “It’s not all about the cloud”

In Chicago, during the NexGen Cloud Conference and Expo which has been held on Wednesday, December 7, the CEO of Hostway Emil Sayegh said that ‘it’s not all about the cloud’. In his speech, he argument why cloud solutions are the best choice for most customers.

Emil Sayegh became the CEO of a large hosting company about a couple of months ago. He said that cloud computing is the perfect combination of services for any kind of business because it gives you enough flexibility, the opportunity of choice, the real tools for cutting your expenses on hosting and establishing the right workload. But the problem, according to the Hostway CEO, is in the way customers pick their products.

They chose the same cloud solution for multiple tasks without paying enough attention to the individual requirements that these products have. They need ‘a true hybrid’, but not using the same approach to all of the applications they work with.

Sayegh was also talking about the three generations of cloud computing, which include public and private waves, and hybrid one as the third one. According to the Hostway CEO, this combined solution is ‘the biggest jump in improvement’. But this move to the hybrid cloud should be done smartly as well.

Emil Sayegh claims that many customers move to the cloud on their own. As a result, their expenses for this transition may grow rapidly. In order to avoid it, customers should ask their hosting providers for help. They have enough knowledge and experience for moving online projects much easier.

Also, the CEO of Hostway pointed attention to possible hidden costs of the services from the biggest players in the sphere. They may be shocking for customers; that’s why it’s better to use local providers’ services.