The hosted Microsoft Exchange VS Office 365

There are many different cloud-hosted business solutions, which may improve your productivity and organise your company cooperation effectively. Some of them, like Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 are one of the most demanded on the market, used by thousands of companies of all sizes. If a business owner, who needs some solution, is not familiar well with all of the features of these products, he may need someone’s help, in order to figure them out and make the right decision. In this article, we’d like to talk about these two the most popular products on market – hosted Exchange and Office 365.

First, let’s start from the similarities of them. Many people wrongly consider both of these solutions to be something similar and even identical. That’s not true. Microsoft wouldn’t have developed two similar products, in order to conquer the market. It’s obvious, that Office 365 is a much more complex solution for business than the hosted Exchange. It includes different applications, which help in organising your business. They may be split into different directions, like the communication (Skype, Outlook), the documents editing (Office Word), the intelligence tools (Excel, Power BI), the shared storage (OneDrive, SharePoint) and so on. It’s a set of tools, which may be used for different functions by the business owners.

On the other hand, Microsoft Exchange, hosted on the cloud, is a lot narrower tool, according to its purpose. It responses to the communication of your company with clients and partners you work with. So, the numerous advantages of this software include information protection, antimalware and anti-spam filters, recovery options and much more. Ordering hosted exchange server, you get everything your company needs to have an email.

Surely, the set of functions of the mentioned above products is not the only difference between them. The price is also different – you obviously pay more for the more complex solution, provided with Office 365. So, you should make your choice accordingly, looking at the needs your business has.