The disadvantages of hybrid cloud networks

A hybrid cloud computing is becoming more popular due to its range of benefits. They include increased speed of connection, improved security of your data, lower expenses etc. That’s why business used to choose hybrid solutions. However, we’d also like to point your attention to some of the disadvantages, which hybrid cloud networks have. The most important among them are listed in this article, so, let’s check them out.

  1. The dependency

It’s worth mentioning, that moving to the hybrid cloud platforms you become dependent on the only provider, just one company, which controls both public and private cloud. No need to say, that it’s more dangerous for your business, than splitting all of your resources for two or more clouds.

In the case of a downtime of this only network, all of your online business processes stop. So, some cloud experts recommend using multiple networks for reducing the risk of getting into trouble. That would make you less dependent on your only hybrid cloud provider as well.

  1. The complexity of the whole network

The hybrid cloud solution, at its core, is obviously complex. It combines both private and public platforms for storing data so that it evolves more resources to calculate all of the data on ‘both sides’. Using hybrid cloud needs splitting your virtual part of the business into two parts, installing different access levels for each of them. So, migrating to a hybrid cloud may not be so simple as well. So it depends on a number of resources you run, whether it will be complex or not.

  1. Privacy policy

One more issue, related to the hybrid cloud technology, is following your business privacy policy. As we mentioned before, you need to set the proper level of security for different processes. The more ‘public’ data can be operated through the public set of servers, while the rest needs to be moved to your private cloud network. This may also take some more time and efforts to be done.

While migrating to the combined cloud network may be really complex, it still remains the most affordable way for running your online solutions. Besides, your computing provider will help you in getting all the things done correctly. So you should just make a choice, mentioning all the pros and cons of such a platform.