Hosted Desktop-as-a-Service – a great solution for small business

A lot of different tasks can be run through a virtual desktop – a service, that works just like the real desktop of your personal computer. However, its main feature is in the remote mode of such a solution. It allows working with any kind of data on a distance, accessing it anytime from anywhere. DaaS is a flexible architecture, which is provided on a subscription basis.
The managing of the back-end infrastructure of the virtual desktop is processed by the provider of such a solution. The only thing, that is paid attention to by the customer, is a desktop with any kind of data he has. So, a person pays only for the time he uses the desktop, without any limitations or further details.
As it was said before, a DaaS is great for small business, which can’t afford running their internal servers and LANs. In the case with the cloud-based desktop, a client can use any data or applications, which are required by his business. No additional expenses are needed. Any cloud services provider, which cares of its good reputation, also pays huge attention to the security issues on its side. That’s why they use protected software for building the infrastructure, that would work perfectly for any client’s needs. Besides, the appropriate software provides a high level of customisation for the user. It means, that the client gets an opportunity to scale his projects, consuming more virtual resources if needed.