How to delete apps on iOS 10

Apple has presented its new version of the operational system recently. At the same time, millions of users upgraded their smartphones and tablets, installing the 10th generation of the second most popular OS in the world. As you can imagine, the first release of iOS 10 contained some small bugs, which caused several issues, which are widely discussed on the web. The users find more ‘weak places’ in their iPhones, while the developers do their best to release another version of iOS, which will work better.

In the previous articles, we have already discussed some common issues, faced by the users. However, according to the iOS forums, there are many other things to discuss in this context – this release contains some serious issues. The inability to delete applications in iOS 10 is one of them. In this article, we’d like to find out the solution for this issue, which would allow you to delete the apps you don’t need any more.

First of all, let’s describe the problem, which appears in the latest version of Apple operational system. When a user is trying to delete an app, the ‘Waiting’ message appears on the screen of their device. As a result, the ‘X’ icon, which allows deleting the app, in the end, doesn’t appear. It seems that the device refuses to delete anything. What should you do with this issue, if you see such a one on your display?

The specialists say that a hard reset will definitely help your gadget to work normally. It’s done simply by pressing the power button and the ‘Home’ button and holding them together for about 10 seconds. If you do everything correctly, Apple logo will be shown on the screen and the phone will start rebooting.

On the other hand, some users claim, that the given above solution doesn’t help in many cases. This problem may be caused by the other applications, which are being installed in the background. To check, if there are any of them, please open ‘Updates’ tab in App Store and select the ‘Purchased’ button.

If you really see any installing apps, you can turn your device into an Airplane mode, in order to stop all of the downloads. After that, you should try deleting the app again.

Besides, there is another effective solution for this issue. Select ‘Reset All settings’, in order to erase all of the information on your smartphone. It will definitely help to solve the problem we were talking about.