Dedicated Hosting – the freedom of choice

Sometimes your business projects may grow higher, than it was expected before, requiring more resources to invest in. They may include either more disk space for storing some data, user files or any other stuff; or they may need more traffic for providing the best loading speed for each of your visitors. When you see, that your project becomes larger, you ought to pay attention to such kind of service, as a dedicated hosting. Let’s find out more about this service and its benefits.
Any hosting or cloud computing provider has enough resources to provide you with such kind of service, as a dedicated server. Literally, it’s your own physical server, that is located somewhere in the data center (depending on the place of the location you choose when you order it). The whole physical server, obviously, is more expensive for running, than a simple virtual hosting. That’s why the prices for this solution are naturally higher. It’s, definitely, the biggest disadvantage of this service.
On the other hand, dedicated server is a freedom. Some companies (like ITSYS) offer their clients to choose the operational system of the server they order, as well as the hardware, that needs to be installed. As a result, you can get a fully configurable solution for any type of the project you run. It’s a much more serious approach to a growing business, isn’t it?
Any provider offers different dedicated hosting plans for any task you have. The differences between them lie in the number of MySQL databases, that can be created by the customer; in the amount of disk space; as well as in the amount of the RAM. Another specification, that needs to be paid attention to, is the number of CPU Nodes. It responses for the speed of your server.
The prices for dedicated hosting in Sydney start from as low as $49 per month. For half a hundred you get your dedicated home for your project with 1GB RAM, 2 CPU Nodes, 5GB space and 5 available databases.