The companies, using the cloud computing, grow 26% faster

We don’t believe the vote results, like this, but this one is still inspiring – on average, the companies, working with their data in a cloud, grow faster. Moreover, the Deloitte survey has shown, that the average difference between the speeds of growth of the companies, using cloud computing, in comparison with their peers, is equal to 26%. It’s a great example of the way IT technology influence the business positively.

Sure, we are talking not just about the random number – there are some explanations for this big difference. The reduced operating costs are one of them.

Companies, using cloud solutions, don’t need their own data centre. It means, that they don’t need spending resources on running in-house servers and keeping stuff for this task – everything is being given to the outsource companies, which take care of this. As a result, a company just pays for the mentioned services on a monthly basis. You can imagine that the final expenses are much lower in this case.

Knowledge is another important factor, which is an explanation for the mentioned 26%. Running your own server network needs some knowledge – IT specialists, which cost time and money. On the other hand, a professional cloud hosting offers you the services of several specialists who know anything about your data structure optimisation.

Scalability can be another benefit of the cloud computing, which resulted in the increased speed of a business growth. Running your business in the cloud allows scaling a number of resources your need accordingly to your needs. Working with the in-house datacenter has no such an option – buying new servers is expensive, as well as selling the ‘odd’ ones.

Focus is our final argument for using the cloud. The companies, who had shown the faster growth, are able to focus on their regular tasks, without paying much attention to running their own server network. On the other hand, keeping your own data centre may bring some more problems in your business, which could be avoided.

In our opinion, the number 26% is even smaller, than the real per cent of a difference between the growth of the companies, using the cloud.