Comodo and cPanel join their forces

The world’s leading hosting platform provider cPanel chose the largest Certification Authority, Comodo, for issuing SSL certificates  for its customers’ websites. It’s said about 72 million domains that automatically got their SSL certificates. The aim of this decision is providing SSL encryption for securing the partner’s information all over the world. The main tool, used for delivering all of the certificates, is named AutoSSL.

The mission started in November. During this month about 5.9 million certificates were issued. As the representatives of cPanel claim, SSL certificate was given to the customers who were running cPanel and Web Host Manager (version 60 or later).

The company picked Comodo as the leading company in the world, providing SSL certificates to about 38 million customers. The choice was quite risky: cPanel was going to provide SSL encryption to about 240,000 websites each day.

According to the words of cPanel CEO J. Nick Koston, the company has no additional charges from its customers. The reason for this is simple: cPanel wants to secure the internet, enabling AutoSSL, the best tool for providing SSL encryption for a domain. Every customer, using WHM version 60+ receives a special notification from cPanel with an offer to get a certificate. It’s something like a recommendation, which requires no additional charges – the customer pays for the certification procedure only.

The president of Comodo, Michael Fowler, claims that he agrees with a position that the entire web should be secured in the future. That’s the way it will become trusted.