Cloud Hosted SharePoint – a great tool for working in team

If you have ever worked in the team under any project, you should probably know, how difficult is to make all of the things go right. You should be really a good manager, in order to split the task between different people and to set goals for each of them, in order to get good results. Working on a distance makes the whole process much more difficult because you don’t see your teammates with your eyes; you can’t talk to them without Skype and so on. Some special tool for organising of such a work is needed. Cloud hosted SharePoint may be the answer for this.
The idea of the service we are talking about is simple. You have a platform, that allows sharing any type of the virtual information with your teammates. You create a team of people and you give them an access to your documents, scripts, images, videos and any other type of the content. Each of your team’s members has a simple one-click access to them – and it simplifies the process of work.
Besides, cloud computing allows accessing the data from anywhere in any time of the day. This feature is also perfect for the collaboration. Let’s say, your designer may edit all of the files from his PC; after that, he doesn’t need to send the final logo to each member of the team; he can just load it to the common disk space and all of the other specialists will see it at the same time. This simple, but effective tool erases the distance between people, who work together. And this tool is available for everyone!
For example, Australian provider ITSYS allows opening the cloud hosted SharePoint for free when ordering the cloud-based Exchange. Each additional 1 GB of space costs $10 per month; 100 GB are available in general. The number of uploads and downloads is unlimited.
Create your projects with great specialists, using the cloud hosted SharePoint.