Cloud Hosted Exchange for your business connections

Every business should remain available 24/7 if it needs to get more clients and to earn more profits. However, as we know, the free mailing solutions don’t meet the requirements of the high productive projects. That’s when the Cloud Hosted Exchange comes. It’s a subscription-based solution for businesses, which appreciate their clients’ and partners’ messages and prefer to reply to them as soon as possible. With the cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange, it’s possible for as low, as $5 per month.
It’s obvious, that running Microsoft Exchange on your organisation’s server may be a too big headache for you. You’ll have to spend too many resources on keeping your company communications active, responding your customers and so on. So, cloud computing services providers offer some simple, affordable and easy-managed tool, called ‘Cloud Hosted Exchange’. Simply said, it allows putting Microsoft Exchange into the cloud, allowing you accessing it from anywhere you want.
The bunch of benefits arises at the same time. First, your cloud computing provider guarantees a high uptime for your Exchange. It means, that you won’t miss anything from now. Second, they will care about your security. Such add-ons, as anti-virus scans and SSL encryption, are included. Third, cloud hosted Exchange is a universal tool due to its integration with the set of software kits, which are used by you on the everyday basis. Microsoft Outlook and Skype are among them. Finally, using a cloud hosted Exchange allows replying to your clients from anywhere! You can connect to the server from any kind of platform – either use your smartphone, or a PC.
Australian cloud computing provider has special plans, including $5.95/month, $10/month, and $17/month options. The differences between them lie in the size of a mailbox, backups, support and some additional services.
These packs can transform your business, making it much more flexible and mobile!