Why cloud hosted desktop is better than Office 365

If you run a business, you should probably know, that Office 365 is a powerful tool for small companies, which can be characterised as ‘all in one solution’ for many tasks. Actually, Microsoft Office 365 is a platform with different directions, like communication, data storage, representation, knowledge sharing and so on. It has different products, which are available via the commercial subscription. It’s a universal tool for everyone, who needs any business processes to be organised.

On the other hand, there are some alternative solutions – so called ‘hosted desktops’, which have their advantages. In this article, we’d like to tell more about them.

From the very beginning, we’d like to highlight the main difference between the cloud-hosted desktops and Office 365. It’s a customisation – a user can change every app he doesn’t like, replacing it with a new one. On the other hand, Office 365 has a set of apps, which are the most popular among the users. Millions of people work with them, considering them to be ‘the core’ instrument.

Another difference, which we’d like to mention, is a security issue. Office 365 provides the full level of any kind of security, protecting the user from everyone. At the same time, the hosted desktop providers give you full freedom to choose, which software you need and why. It’s a more flexible setting that will be definitely useful for people, who are familiar with the security tools. In other situation, some complex solutions will be needed

Having analysed tons of Australian hosting forums, we also discovered one more issue of Office 365 – their support. Microsoft is a giant company, which can’t provide all of its users with an appropriate support, – that’s not a secret. So, some local providers, who offer the cloud desktop with any apps you need, may be much more responsible and effective in solving your issues.

That’s why we’d like to advise you on which product to choose in the future.