Cloud computing specialist talking about the private cloud solutions

In spite of a huge amount of materials, available on the web, the real role of a cloud computing is still not so clear for many people. There are different stereotypes and misconceptions, which cost time and money for those business owners, who make the wrong decision, moving to private cloud. When it happens and what should you know about it? Read in this article.

Saving money is not for private cloud
This statement was said by a cloud computing specialist Tom Bittman. He claims that the real purpose of the private cloud solution is not cutting your expenses. Though, many organisations build their infrastructure in a private cloud, hoping to save more. Bittman insists on this step being wrong. He claims that the real purpose of moving to private is either increasing of the security level, or the opportunity to scale things as you need. ‘The actual benefit from private computing is that you can change the scales of your IT infrastructure fast and cheap’, – he adds. For saving money and getting the most affordable resources, the model of public cloud computing is better.

Another interesting fact about the private clouds is the form of their presentation. Bittman says that some people think about private cloud computing as of the IaaS-model for storing some data and launching some apps. However, another popular direction for the private cloud development is a higher level of PaaS (platform-as-a-service). It provides businesses with some useful tools for building their own products, like apps.

The cloud technologies specialist also adds that private cloud computing may not always be actually ‘private’ in the future. With a time flow, some companies and organisations may move to a hybrid cloud computing for the real cutting off their expenses. Also, some businesses may move to the public clouds with more regulations and agreements, related to the way their resources will be used. It will also make this IT technology more efficient and affordable.