Choosing a local hosting provider is a better way to get a good service

Today there are three most common ways for choosing the provider of the hosting services for your website. The first one is choosing some well-known, big and stable company with a good reputation.  It may result into a high price for the services you get, but you work with a platform, that you may definitely trust. The second way is choosing the company with the best conditions for your project. Whether it’s the most affordable price or the widest range of services you get – there is some advantage of this hosting provider in comparison with the others. Finally, the third way to choose to host for your business is a local hosting.

In this article we’d like to underline it one more time: local hosting provider is much better than the company, which has servers abroad.

Actually, the reasons for choosing the local company were listed in one of our articles earlier. It’s obvious – you get much better support and much faster connection for your project, which plays a huge role for a customer. Nobody likes waiting till the page will be ready to be shown.

From the other side, there is still one more very important thing that should be mentioned as well. The security question arises, when you save your documents to the data centre, located somewhere far away. This is the local market’s benefit.

And now we are talking not just about the security issue. The legal problems, which may wait for you in another country, may be too serious for your business. A lot of examples may be listed here.

Some countries don’t guarantee the privacy of your data, no matter where you are from. Some countries are ready to get access to all the information you store so that the privacy may be broken there. And, unfortunately, no hosting providers may guarantee you, that your website won’t be marked as a suspicious one by the authorities of the country, where you are hosted.

On the other hand, doing business in your country with your local hosting may be easier. You know the rules, you have the rights and the freedoms, and you can act the way you need, in order to protect your information. Besides, you may visit the provider’s office and solve any issue personally, if needed. In another case, the visit to some foreign country may not be so pleasant. So, think about this next time, when you choose hosting platform for your business.