Why do some businesses still don’t use cloud computing?

Cloud computing solutions is a proved way to make your business more efficient and thus, profitable. According to many types of research and statistic numbers, cloud computing allows delivering the highest quality of service with the lowest expenses on operational needs. Thousands of companies around the world has become sure in the benefits of this using model as well. At the same time, we don’t see such a massive refusal from using the classical hosting solutions and moving to the cloud. What are the main reasons for this? Let’s find out more about them.

We’ve found out two main problems, which still don’t let cloud computing to dominate the market. The first one is a common misconception about the cloud technology and its security. Some people think, that storing the data ‘somewhere in the cloud’ may lead to its loss and accessing by the unauthorised users. As a result, they just don’t believe in the opportunity to secure your data, leaving it available to you from anywhere anytime.

The specialists claim this misconception to be absolutely wrong. According to the Online Tech study, cloud solutions can be even more secure for your data, than the traditional hosting services. This can be proven by the fact that in the US, Canada, Australia and some other countries in the world some important security management acts were implemented. They regulate the activity of cloud solutions providers, requiring them to follow the strong guidelines and rules in the spheres of payments, health, and others, where the protection of data is required the most. It creates legal tools for securing your information, stored at some providers’ platforms as well.

Another barrier to the massive implementation of cloud technologies into our life is the lack of knowledge. Again, according to a recent study, held in the UK, almost 88% of civil servants need more training to get enough skills for working with cloud technologies. Many people in different sectors of an economy still don’t understand the principles of cloud computing work. It leads to more misconceptions and mistakes, made by people.

We are sure that the time will make the benefit of using the cloud more obvious and these technologies will be implemented massively either in the private sector or in the public one.