The benefits of a private cloud computing for your business

Cloud technologies, as we know them, are represented with some huge amount of calculating resources, spread among different servers. When we talk about cloud, we usually mean such providers, as Amazon or Google with their hundreds of servers all over the world. However, cloud solutions may vary. Moving from a ‘public’ model of the direct access to the internet, some cloud solutions may become the ‘private’ ones. Let’s talk about their benefits in this article.

Actually, as it can be concluded from the name of this kind of cloud solutions, private ones tend to be separated and secured, having a limited access. These features can fully characterise the private cloud solutions. They exist within some certain network, protecting the data from the ‘external’ world – the internet. We’ve already been discussing the most important advantages of private solutions. A higher level of security is the basic one.

Let’s imagine the IT infrastructure of some bank. It should operate with a huge amount of data, including the clients’ accounts, their security data, and financial reports and so on. No need to say that each byte of this information should be secured. The question is: How can it be organised in a better way? The answer is Cloud.

We know that cloud computing allows managing a huge amount of data very fast with minimal expenses. But we also know that this calculating involves much of hardware resources, which are usually split among other clients, allowing to reduce the final cost of the services. However, if we are talking about the bank with all of its secured information, it can’t be a real solution. So, here is where a private cloud comes.

In this sense, a private cloud is the only acceptable option. It is supported by the local hardware, located in the bank’s data centre, what makes it unreachable ‘from the outside’. It allows storing any kind of data, which needs to be secured but requires more resources to be run. If you are not an owner of the bank or some big IT company, you would better prefer some managed private cloud computing.

This type of service is far better and more efficient. It is managed by a cloud services provider – a company, which provides this solution for your needs. It means that you don’t need caring of physical services and hiring specialists – the solution is provided as a product. However, it’s a real private cloud solution for your needs, which can protect your data and operate it as needed. Being cost-effective, it’s definitely the most fitting solution for your business.