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We’ve already mentioned that cloud computing may be divided into a private and a public one. The difference between them lies in the principle of storing the data, building the infrastructure for the IT solutions for the client’s business. A hybrid cloud, some kind of combination of the private and a public one, also exists on a market. But it’s the topic for another post. In this article, we would like to discuss the private cloud project. We’ll explain, what this definition is used for and what does it mean.

The main feature of the private cloud project is that it is stored within the internal company’s firewall. It allows a company to control all of the data fully, without any threats for the data to be accessed by other parties. For making the usage of cloud more efficient, some of the projects’ components may be stored in a public cloud mode. It means that this data can be potentially accessed from the external environment.

The main threat for a private cloud project is some natural disaster, which leads to the damage of some certain server, which is used for storing the data. However, the client has a right to choose the location of the server, minimising such kind of a risk.

Before installing the private cloud project, which includes the whole infrastructure, the whole cloud product, setup for a client, a cloud computing provider makes the analysis of the resources that should be involved. So, we can say that before building a cloud for your task, a company, which provides you with the resources, is required to complete a plan of what should be done. Developing the security policy is also required, in order to organise the right access to your data. The actual steps for installing a cloud, as well as the testing of infrastructure, follow next. They help understand, whether the dedicated resources are enough for the stable work of your project.

Private cloud project is still the most popular way for building the cloud solution for business. It is either efficient or scalable and simple in usage.