The advantages of private cloud services

In the previous article, we analysed, why private cloud is your best solution for hosting any of your projects. However, we didn’t mention all of the actual benefits of this kind of technology for the business you run. In this article, we’d like to list all of them, in order to show you, that it’s much more effective tool for your business than you could think.
The ‘Number 1’ issue for any public cloud is, obviously, security. No customer may be sure, that his data won’t be accessed by the third party due to the principle of the ‘common physical space’, shared by the customers of the company, providing a public computing.
The private computing, on the other side, has some restrictions, which may ensure you, that your data is protected. For example, the dedicated connection line, just like the limitations for the organisation-only PCs to connect, – serves for making your projects available for you and your employers only.
Another important question controls. It’s obvious, that it’s easier for your company to control the resources, located on the dedicated physical space. It means, that no other company will manage same space, as you do.
Besides, one more advantage of private computing is… cost and energy efficiency. Right, in comparison with large solution providers, small companies with private clouds waste less energy due to the smaller amount of resources they use. It’s either cheaper, or safer for our environment.