5 ways your business can benefit from the managed services

It’s not a surprise that managed services are highly demanded by the small business owners. According to the research, made by CompTIA trade group in 2015, more than 70% of them report using products of the managed services providers no less than once a year. It shows an increasing popularity of the managed services solutions and their positive impact on the business world. That’s why in this article we’d like to highlight 5 ways your business can benefit from managed solutions as well.

1. Fixing issues before, not after
It is believed that IT industry uses the approach of fixing the problems after they happen. This principle is a basic one in many companies, dealing with the classical hosting services. It means that as soon as some problem occurs, the business owner should waste his time, waiting for its resolving. Do you agree that it’s not the way you want to run your company?

Instead of this, the managed services provider offers to fix any issues before, not after they happen. We are currently talking about the preventive steps, which allow business to avoid situations when the things get broken. The software and security updates, the right approach for building the infrastructure of the solution and the team of experts, watching for all the processes, are the best guarantees for this.

2. Having an access to the specialists
Do you know the cost of hiring the professionals to support your hardware and software for all of your business needs? Without any doubts, it’s a big increase in expenses, which is not so easy to be afforded by the small business owners.
On the other side, managed IT services offer you the direct access to the specialists, who can help you support your whole infrastructure. They are available 24/7. This option is especially important if you choose your local IT services provider.

3. Growing the capacity of your IT solutions with your business
You can’t say for sure, how will your business grow with time. It’s possible that your company will start growing much faster, that you expect. As a result, the scaling of your projects may take more time and resources.
In order to avoid the additional expenses, use managed IT services for easy changing the capacity of your solutions that would meet your business requirements.

4. Making things cost effective
No need to say that in any business the cost-effectiveness plays a huge role. When you start your project, either as when you have it launched already, you should pay attention to the low cost of solutions you use. Managed IT services, being easily scalable, can fit your needs, so that you won’t pay more for resources that you don’t use. As a result, the effectiveness of this product is amazing.

5. Getting the problems solved faster
For any business, the downtime is very costly. So, if any problem arises, your projects need someone, who can fix everything in a moment. While your in-house IT specialist may have a holiday, the staff of your managed services provider is ready to help.